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Adaptability SPARK Career Resilience Fowl Play | CareerSocius

Able and willing to adjust your actions and approach to adapt to a different environment. To be future-oriented in overcoming and anticipating tasks, transitions, and setbacks. To stay relevant by embracing change with an open mind and a learner’s attitude.


SPARK is a career resilience model designed to help you take charge, navigate and overcome setbacks in your career.

Fowl Play Bird Feeling Stuck | CareerSocius

Ever felt stuck in your career?

Wonder what your friends would do in your situation?


With the SPARK Career Resilience model, you can have career conversations in a safe environment with lots of fun and a dash of bird-puns!

Self-Belief SPARK Career Resilience Fowl Play | CareerSocius


Confidence in your capabilities, judgement and ability to overcome challenges or accomplish a goal. To have positive feelings about yourself and have the courage to act on your beliefs. Includes having a growth mindset too.


To have a sense of direction in your life and career, equipped with a clear vision, and to act with intention and determination to achieve it. Connected to a sense of meaning, fulfilment, and satisfaction in your work.

Purpose SPARK Career Resilience Fowl Play | CareerSocius



Know how to achieve your goals by tapping on relevant resources and networks skillfully. Know when and where to seek help. Make bold moves to achieve a desired outcome. Able to maximise opportunity and connect the dots.

Resourcefulness SPARK Career Resilience Fowl Play | CareerSocius
Kindred Spirits SPARK Career Resilience Fowl Play | CareerSocius

Kindred Spirits

To build strong networks and have open and trusting relationships. Willing to be vulnerable and seek help from a group of trusted people (e.g. friends, family, mentors) that act as a pillar of support in your career journey. 

About Us

Fowl Play is a card game created in partnership with CareerSocius, a Singapore-based social enterprise that empowers job seekers to maximize their career potential through enhancing their personal brand and career skills.

Today we live in a very complex, uncertain, and ever-changing world, where the nature of work and jobs are evolving rapidly. Our generation is also bombarded by information from every direction, telling us the best ways to live our lives. It is not surprising that many of us get confused and lose our way, especially in the pursuit of our careers.

Passionate about tackling challenges faced by youth in navigating their careers, our team participated in the Youth Action Challenge (YAC) in 2020, organized by the National Youth Council and the Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY). Through our research of Jobs & Future of Work, we developed a Career Resilience model (SPARK) to help working professionals overcome career challenges and setbacks, and emerged as one of the finalists during the competition.

Initially, we explored a few options like building a gamified app and conducting workshops around the SPARK model. But after multiple rounds of iteration, we ultimately came up with the idea of creating Fowl Play, a card game to facilitate fun and meaningful conversations about our careers in a social setting. 

Through Fowl Play, we hope young working professionals can relate to the common scenarios faced in their careers and tap on the collective wisdom of their friends to better ride the waves of their career journey. 

Conceptual Illustration during the Initial Stages

Fowl Play Career Resilience SPARK Mindmap Graphic
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