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Beyond our flagship Fowl Play product, how can you put the life & career insights you've gained to good use in real life?


Presenting to you the SPARK Resilience Journal! In this 'power-pecked' journal, you will be able to set your career priorities, track your daily habits, and consciously develop the different pillars of career resilience throughout your journey.

What's Inside the SPARK Resilience Journal?

1) Quarterly Priorities (x4) for 1 year

• Plan your goals every quarter

• Set your Vision for each goal 

• Evaluate your current time vs. ideal time allocation to achieve your goals


2) Description of SPARK - Career Resilience Model

• Explanation of the individual pillars of SPARK Career Resilience Model

• SPARK stands for: Self-belief, Purpose, Adaptability, Resourcefulness and Kind Spirits


3) Weekly Goals & Habit Tracker (x52) for 1 year

• Set clear intentions & Goals for the week

• Identify a few habits that you'd like to build and track them throughout the week

• Work on a Limiting Belief and reflect on how you've been resilient

• Track your mood and don't forget to express gratitude


4) Dotted Pages + Motivational Quotes

• For your free-flow journaling with some motivational quotes to spice up your day :)

• Get creative and use these pages for penning down ideas, note-taking, random sketching, and more!

• 15cm x 21.5cm x 2cm


• 400grams


Available in 3 Colors:

Navy Blue, Brick Red, Forest Green

Material & Features:

• PU Vegan leather (Soft) - available in 3 colors
• Ribbon bookmark

• Elastic closer band

• 200 pages

• 100gsm paper

SPARK Resilience Journal

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